Silent Comedy Shorts DCP

Silent Comedies DCPThe Silent Comedy Shorts DCP offers 12 individual shorts, curated into 3 separate programs: Slapstick, Georges Melies, and Cartoons. Exhibitors may choose to mix and match titles from all 3 categories or create an event around only one.

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Titles and Running Times:


1.  WHAT PRICE GOOFY: Charlie Chase: Music track by Neil Brand – 00:24:37

2.  THE IMMIGRANT: Chaplin: Music track by Carl Davis – 00:20:01

3.  THE LOVE NEST-Keaton: Music track by Neil Brand – 00:20:15

4.  MIGHTY LIKE A MOOSE-Charley Chase Music track by Neil Brand – 00:22:50

5.  NOW YOU TELL ONE-Charlie Bowers: Music track by Bowers  – 00:22:20


6. EXCELSIOR, PRICE OF MAGICIAN: Music by Mont Alto Orchestra – 00:02:04

7. THE MAGIC [INFERNAL] CALDRON: Music by Neal Kurz – 00:01:45

8. UN HOMME DE TETE [The Four Troublesome Heads]: Music by Neal Kurz – 00:01:05


9.   FELIX GOES WEST: organ music – 00:08:18

10. FELIX IN ARABIANTICS: music compilation  – 00:09:30

11. CARTOON FACTORY (Koko the Clown): Original Fleisher track – 00:07:53

12. BALLOONLAND: Original Sound – 00:06:41 (note this is a SOUND cartoon)