As a leading distributor of classic, silent cinema working with leading archives from around the world, including the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Academy Film Archive, Netherlands Filmmuseum, and the Cineteca di Bologna, Flicker Alley has produced and published some of the most acclaimed and definitive restorations of important silents and classics, and film about film.

Instructors will now be able to make films like Georges Melies’ A Trip to the MoonChaplin’s seminal Keystone and Mutual comedies, Abel Gance’s anti-war masterpiece J’Accuse, Douglass Fairbank’s “Modern Everyman” comedies (such as Wild and Woolly), and dozens of others seminal films available to their students whenever they need to see them.

Flicker Alley offers most of the films in our collection for direct, on-campus streaming for academic use. North American Digital Site Licenses are now available which which allow institutions to encode, locally host and stream at their colleges, universities or libraries. The majority of our titles can be sold with lifetime streaming rights, though some are limited to 5-10 years (please check the list below). Streaming would be done on your own password protected system and accessible only to accredited students, faculty & staff. An institutional physical copy (as needed) is also included in the sale.

Digital Site Licenses are available. If you would like more information, please e-mail us at

If you intend to charge admission or publicly advertise a screening of one of our titles, please contact us to work out a reasonable public performance/screening fee.

For North American Institutional DVD Sales (physical DVD copies with Public Performance Rights included) please visit: Gartenberg Media Enterprises.