Streaming FAQ:

1. What is streaming?

New technologies for digital content distribution are evolving each and every day, and here at Flicker Alley, we aim to provide our audience with access to some of the latest and highest quality tools in which to watch our ever-growing catalog of historically important films. Streaming media is one of the most impressive and user-friendly techniques for transferring data directly from our servers onto your home computer, mobile device, and/or internet-enabled platform. Streaming allows you to watch high-definition quality videos as a steady and continuous stream without the hassle of long or bulky downloads. When you stream a movie or piece of audio, you will get to listen to and/or watch it, but the file will not be saved to your computer.

2. Why am I redirected to Vimeo when I purchase a streaming title?

Vimeo is a popular video-hosting website. Flicker Alley streams its movies through the “Vimeo on Demand” platform. When you click on a streaming title on the Flicker Alley website, you will be redirected to Vimeo to complete your purchase.

3. How do I watch the Flicker Alley titles I purchased through Vimeo on Demand?

To watch your streaming purchases, log in to All the streaming titles you purchased will appear in your Library and under the Watch Later tab of your feed. Simply log in to your account and then choose one of those options.

Click the play button to watch the video instantly within your feed, or click the video title to watch it on its own page. Click the icon in the lower right corner of the player to watch the video in full-screen.

4. What type of internet connection do I need in order to stream Flicker Alley content?

A broadband connection is preferred for viewing videos on a desktop. Videos have been optimized to work with standard home Cable & DSL speeds. For mobile devices, video has been further optimized for streaming over wi-fi and 3G/4G networks.

5. My video playback is slow, or not functioning at an optimum level. What are some tips to help speed up my stream?

If you’re on desktop and the website loads fine but videos don’t seem to be playing, try a different web browser or try updating your current one. For mobile devices, buffering can take a little longer so be patient. Also for mobile, some devices require you to launch a video app intended to play videos on your device. Always insure you have a strong signal (if you’re on a wireless network with desktop, or on mobile, that you’re wi-fi or network connection is connecting beyond your minimum speed.)

For more suggestions, please refer to Vimeo’s Playback FAQ guide.

6. Will I be able to watch a Flicker Alley movie on my TV, iPad, or iPhone, etc?

Yes, Vimeo on Demand supports video playback of Flicker Alley films on all major devices.

If Vimeo’s mobile site supports your device you will be automatically taken to it when going to You can access the mobile site when using iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Phone, and many Android devices. Tablets, such as the iPad, use the desktop (not mobile) version of the site.

Alternatively, you can download the free Vimeo App for your device.

For more information, visit Vimeo’s Mobile FAQ guide.


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