General Inquiries:

1. How does Flicker Alley decide upon which titles to publish?

Flicker Alley has a commitment to preserving film heritage, and we aim for our collection to reflect that goal. Though we do specialize in both silent and classic cinema, we are very much open to all types of motion pictures – whether they be short-form, independent collections, such as The Curtis Harrington Short Film Collection, or documentaries concerning the art of film preservation, such as Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno. That said, there are of course numerous other factors that go into how we decide upon our releases, namely having to do with rights and/or licensing.

2. Do all Flicker Alley titles have English language subtitles?

All of our releases are geared toward the North American market, and hence do come with English-language subtitles. We are, however, aware and appreciative of our many international customers, and when possible, strive to provide subtitles in alternate languages, such as with The Italian Straw Hat and Laila.

3. Are all Flicker Alley titles presented in their original theatrical aspect ratio?

We do strive to preserve the original aspect ratio in all of our titles. Some prime examples are in our Cinerama films (This is Cinerama, Windjammer, Cinerama Holiday, South Sea Adventure, Seven Wonders of the World, and Search for Paradise), where the Smilebox format has been created to suggest the original aspect ratio for the home-video screen.

5. What are the upcoming Flicker Alley titles? And how can I make a title suggestion?

We do our best to let our customers know about our upcoming titles as soon as we can. We recommend keeping up with our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter for any and all updates. As for suggestions, please direct them to

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